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Her world is unraveling – and she’s the reason why.

Adventurous Tylira is trapped in a life she didn’t choose and destined to be chained to an enemy general.Can Tylira escape the future everyone else wants for her or will she destroy everything in her attempt to be free?

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Vera and her bodyguard, Roman, are connected by the computers in their heads. They can silently co-ordinate and comment on the world around them. The downside? They’re on an impossible mission set by a vengeful emperor who would prefer to see them both dead. Not many sixteen-year-olds have to fight an entire empire for survival – and not many would be so good at it.

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Vera is no longer a passive, brain-washed teen. Now she’s on a prison planet filled with shadowy aliens and ‘allies’ who want her dead. There’s only one thing she wants: escape. But to get it, she’ll have to become bolder than she ever dreamed was possible.

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Vera and Roman are reunited, but as things get worse for the Blackwatch Empire there’s only one way Vera’s path can take her: to the throne or to her death. Will the allies she’s made be enough to help her seize the empire? Will her unique abilities enhanced by her implant give her the resources she needs to fight an inter-planetary army? And will Roman still stick with her now that her path is leading where neither of them wanted to go?

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Time travel, demons, social media addicts and total political correctness: that’s just a tiny slice of life back in 1776. And just when Lt. Blunt thought life couldn’t be any different from the one he left in 2018 people start getting murdered…on his watch! The audacity! Can Blunt’s ferocious anger bring back sanity to a world gone mad?

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