The Ex-Pacifist

coverrevampex-pacifistTHE EX-PACIFIST

Book One: The Matsumoto Trilogy

Vera is a reluctant rule-breaker. But when her choice ends in a death sentence, she takes her one chance at survival- a suicide mission to the planet of Capricornia. Now Vera and her teenage bodyguard must solve the planet’s mystery together before time runs out. If they fail, she dies.

The Ex-Pacifist is the first book of The Matsumoto Trilogy, a gripping YA SCI-FI series. If you like action, intrigue, romance and a thrilling climax, then you’ll love The Ex-Pacifist.

Flavor Profile: Intense, Dynastic, with a hint of Playfulness.

“For teens who enjoy Sci-Fi stories, romance and strong characters “The Ex-Pacifist” will be a very enjoyable read with a good pace, interesting characters, an engaging plot and a brilliant climax.” – Amazon Reviewer

“…once Vera is stripped of her titles and dispatched on a suicide mission the mystery and action comes fast and furious, and I found myself frantically flipping pages to see how it would all resolve. I’m sure other inveterate readers know what I’m referring to, when you’re reading as fast as you can because you just want to KNOW how it all turns out.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Fantastic adventure with hilarious dialogue!” – Amazon Reviewer

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