Novels (old)

Past Adventure :

Belly of this Great Land


Fourteen-year-old Nathaniel Stout is a servant of the renowned Hudson’s Bay Company on the cusp of their conquest of Rupert’s Land. He arrives, in the autumn of 1682, ready for adventure on the shore where Hudson’s Bay meets the Nelson River.

But no one from the Company expects to be met immediately by a French trading party (led by Pierre Esprit Radisson), or to discover there is also a group from Boston vying for the trade just a few kilometers away. Even worse,  they are vastly outnumbered with no way to return home.

Now Nathaniel Stout must become an unexpected fourth side to this historical conflict and finds himself swallowed up by the culture and spirit of the land that will someday be known as Canada. Can Nathaniel keep his conscience and learn how to outmaneuver Radisson in time, or will he be just one more vanquished boy swallowed up by Rupert’s Land?

A rip-roaring adventure full of Canadian spirit and intrigue, Belly of this Great Land is sure to entertain people of all ages.

Flavor Profile: Outdoorsy, Adventurous, with a hint of Introspection.

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Future Adventure :

The Matsumoto Trilogy

expacifistnostarburst2 THE EX-PACIFIST

Book One: The Matsumoto Trilogy

Killing a man always has its price – even when it’s in self-defense.

Poised to begin a promising career as an ambassador, sixteen-year-old pacifist Vera Matsumoto – cousin to the Emperor of Blackwatch- journeys to the world of Nagara where the flowers bloom all year long.

Meanwhile, eighteen-year-old Roman Aldrin saw his family and home destroyed before his eyes, was conscripted into the Blackwatch Marines and forced into the guardian program.

But when Vera breaks the draconian Matsumoto Dynasty’s cardinal rule and kills a man in self-defense, her only way back to the life she’s always wanted is an impossible mission. Her only ally is Roman, assigned to be her bodyguard.

Can Roman and Vera solve the mystery of her cousin’s disappearance and expose the secrets of the backwater planet of Capricornia in time, or will Vera be forced to pay the ultimate price for her crime?

Intriguing and immersive, The Ex-Pacifist is an other-worldly adventure that is sure to entertain and to challenge readers own ideas about disillusionment.

Flavor Profile: Intense, Dynastic, with a hint of Playfulness.

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splittingnostarburst2THE SPLITTING

Book Two: The Matsumoto Trilogy

Even on a prison planet you can’t escape your origins.

Ex-Pacifist Vera Matsumoto wakes from cryosleep on the deadly prison world of Baldric, bereft of her bodyguard Roman Aldrin, and sentenced to life in the colony.

But the ship that delivered her has crashed and is under attack by shadowy aliens. Worse, she is seeing visions of the life Roman leads now in the Blackwatch marines and something is amiss.

Vera’s only potential allies are a friend who hates her, a terrorist who wants to see all Matsumotos dead, and imperial marines who see her as a criminal.

Can Vera find a way to rally her forces, overcome the alien hordes, escape the planet and reunite with Roman?

Action-packed and mysterious, The Splitting is an other-worldly adventure that will keep readers guessing and worrying along with Vera and asking themselves if anyone can escape the hand dealt to them by fate.

Flavor Profile: Dynamic, Thrilling, with a hint of Sarcasm.

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matsumotonostarburst4.jpgTHE MATSUMOTO

Book Three: The Matsumoto Trilogy

How do you steal an Empire? That’s the question Vera Matsumoto must answer as she contemplates a coup against her cousin. Nigel Matsumoto’s crimes are mounting, and now that Vera knows their full extent she can’t sit idly by.

But Vera has no resources except for her bodyguard, Roman, and the allies she found on Baldric, while the Emperor has the wealth and prowess of Blackwatch’s seven worlds.

Can Vera reinvent the Matsumoto Dynasty and fulfill her responsibilities to the people of the Blackwatch Empire, or will she – or worse, Roman – die trying?

Full of twists, turns and hold-your-breath tension, The Matsumoto is an adventure coup that will steal readers weekends and leave them triumphant with Vera.

Flavor Profile: Epic, Surprising, with a hint of Heart-throbbing.

(Coming July 2016)