Belly of this Great Land


Fourteen-year-old Nathaniel Stout is a servant of the renowned Hudson’s Bay Company on the cusp of their conquest of Rupert’s Land. He arrives, in the autumn of 1682, ready for adventure on the shore where Hudson’s Bay meets the Nelson River.

But no one from the Company expects to be met immediately by a French trading party (led by Pierre Esprit Radisson), or to discover there is also a group from Boston vying for the trade just a few kilometers away. Even worse,  they are vastly outnumbered with no way to return home.

Now Nathaniel Stout must become an unexpected fourth side to this historical conflict and finds himself swallowed up by the culture and spirit of the land that will someday be known as Canada. Can Nathaniel keep his conscience and learn how to outmaneuver Radisson in time, or will he be just one more vanquished boy swallowed up by Rupert’s Land?

A rip-roaring adventure full of Canadian spirit and intrigue, Belly of this Great Land is sure to entertain people of all ages.

Flavor Profile: Outdoorsy, Adventurous, with a hint of Introspection.