Thunder Rattles High

thunder rattleshighfinal1.jpg

THUNDER RATTLES HIGH Book Three: Unweaving Chronicles


Can selfish Tylira make the ultimate sacrifice?

Tylira’s back from the world of Axum, but her arch-enemy has followed her. With the world collapsing, a people to protect, a new ancestor to reckon with, and armies intent on war, there’s nowhere to flee and live the life she’d always wanted. Worse, she’s the only one with the right kind of magic to stop Catane from his quest to rule Canderabai. Will she have the courage to make the ultimate sacrifice when it goes against everything she’s ever wanted?

Searching for the perfect princess-turned-kick-ass heroine? Looking for an epic fantasy tale like nothing you’ve ever read before? This one won’t disappoint you. “Lightning Strikes Twice” combines the epic fantasy storyline of Robert Jordan’s “Eye of the World” with the immediate in-person awe of Stephanie Garber’s “Caraval.” Plus, the ending is an absolute game-changer! Expect a thrilling ride.

What to expect:

Adventure, magic, metaphysical epic fantasy themes and cultures, science fiction elements, coming of age themes, a romantic sub-plot, an evil emperor, quest and dinosaur-like creatures. It’s basically YA epic fantasy with a twist.

Where to get it?

Amazon & Kindle Unlimited



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