Happy Read Self-Published Month!


I’m the very last stop in the Read Self-Published Month Blog Tour. If you get lost, or if you just want to start again, you can go back to the beginning here: https://zachchop.com/2017/04/01/happy-read-self-published-month/

My day is April 26, 2017, and you’re in luck because I’m doing a HUGE sale today.

I write YA science fiction and fantasy books with EPIC plots and AMAZING worlds you have to experience to believe.

THE UNWEAVING CHRONICLES is my Epic Fantasy series and Book One: Teeth of the Gods is FREE today and tomorrow (26th & 27th) and Booke Two: Lightning Strikes Twice is on sale for just $.99 this week.

teeth-cover-colorebookunweaving2Tylira’s world is unraveling, and it’s all because of her unique gift.

Tylira Nyota’s mother is dead, and as the ninth daughter of the High Tazmin it is her fate to be chained to a fallen enemy general and trained for the life she will be assigned. Worse, Tylira’s magic won’t materialize, even though all her sisters can use theirs without inhibition.

But Tylira is headstrong and determined to have a little fun in life. She won’t let her guards, her brand new general, or even her stepmother’s army stop her. When she sees a chance to compete in the legendary race for the Teeth of the Gods she grabs it with both fists and won’t let go until she’s found them or destroyed the whole world trying.

And that’s a problem, because as her magic blossoms it becomes clear that the one thing Tylira is really good at, is destroying everything around her. With an army pursuing her, the Teeth of the Gods nothing but a spectre, and everyone telling her she must turn back, can she find a way to escape her destiny?


lightningstrikestwice10They say ‘lightning never strikes twice,’ but they’ve never met Tylira.
They say lightning never strikes twice – but they haven’t met Tylira.
Tylira Nyota did the unexpected when she found the legendary Teeth of the Gods, but her unweaving magic is unraveling her world at the seams and their only hope for survival is a guess by her ancestor and a journey to another world. Worse, Tylira and her san’lelion, Rusk Hawkwing, enter that world only to find themselves in the middle of a war with no allies and no way back.

Tylira managed to do the impossible when she won the race for the Teeth of the Gods, but can she do it again in the world of Axum with a powerful ruler bent on her destruction and a band of strange monster-riding barbarians her only allies?

Will she find a solution to save their world from destruction? And what will she have to sacrifice just to get home again?


I’m very grateful to you all for stopping by. Thanks for reading indie and don’t be a stranger! You can join my facebook group, Blackwatch & Beyond, to chat all thing SFF with me. We have a lot of fun together over here and fans vote on covers, character names and dress colors, lol. I hope to see you there!

Start the fun all over again at the very beginning here: https://zachchop.com/2017/04/01/happy-read-self-published-month/


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