Lightning Strikes Twice


LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE Book Two: Unweaving Chronicles


They say ‘lightning never strikes twice,’ but they’ve never met me.

Somehow I’m the one who has to save the world before I accidentally destroy it. Is that crazy, or what? I guess I’ll just have to figure it out and try my best not to accidentally kill anyone else by accident along the way. I managed it last time, but they say that ‘lightning never strikes twice.’ Maybe I can change that. I’m sure going to try.

Searching for the perfect princess-turned-kick-ass heroine? Looking for an epic fantasy tale like nothing you’ve ever read before? This one won’t disappoint you. “Lightning Strikes Twice” combines the epic fantasy storyline of Robert Jordan’s “Eye of the World” with the immediate in-person awe of Stephanie Garber’s “Caraval.” Plus, the ending is an absolute game-changer! Expect a thrilling ride.

What to expect:

Adventure, magic, metaphysical epic fantasy themes and cultures, science fiction elements, coming of age themes, a romantic sub-plot, an evil emperor, quest and dinosaur-like creatures. It’s basically YA epic fantasy with a twist.

Where to get it?

Amazon & Kindle Unlimited


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