Teeth of the Gods


TEETH OF THE GODS Book One: Unweaving Chronicles


My world is unraveling and it’s all my fault.
I’m alone in the world, my magic won’t surface, my mother is dead, and everything I do just seems to make things worse. My father is planning to chain me to an enemy he defeated – literally. What should I do? I refuse to just give up my freedom! Is it really too much to ask that someone be on my side and that I get to have just a little bit of fun before my life ends?

Searching for the perfect princess-turned-kick-ass heroine? Looking for an epic fantasy tale like nothing you’ve ever read before? This one won’t disappoint you. Teeth of the Gods combines the epic fantasy storyline of Robert Jordan’s “Eye of the World” with the immediate in-person awe of Stephanie Garber’s “Caraval.” Plus, the ending is an absolute game-changer! Expect a thrilling ride.

What to expect:

Adventure, magic, metaphysical epic fantasy themes and cultures, science fiction elements, coming of age themes, a romantic sub-plot, an evil step-mother, beloved pet elephant and dancing in the moonlight. It’s basically YA epic fantasy with a twist.

Where to get it?

Amazon & Kindle Unlimited


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