The Matsumoto


THE MATSUMOTO Book Three: Matsumoto Trilogy


Vera and Roman are reunited, but as things get worse for the Blackwatch Empire there’s only one way Vera’s path can take her: to the throne or to her death. Will the allies she’s made be enough to help her seize the empire? Will her unique abilities, enhanced by her implant, give her the resources she needs to fight an interplanetary army? And will Roman still stick with her now that her path is leading where neither of them wanted to go?

A young adult science fiction thriller with epic themes of family, duty, and conscience, a diverse cast, non-stop action and romantic sub-plots that echo the work of S. J. Kincaid’s “The Diabolic” or Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games.”

What to expect:

Adventure, apolitical intrigue, dystopian themes, a kick-ass princess, a coming of age story set against a futuristic back-drop, romance, metaphysical fantasy and social themes. This is first-person genre fiction, definitely on the soft-science side of things. It is just the second story in a series of three (all of which are available) so don’t expect all plot-lines to wrap up. 

Where to get it?

Amazon & Kindle Unlimited


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