The Splitting


THE SPLITTING Book Two: Matsumoto Trilogy


Vera is no longer a passive, brain-washed teen. Now she’s on a prison planet filled with shadowy aliens and ‘allies’ who want her dead. There’s only one thing she wants: escape. But to get it, she’ll have to become bolder than she ever dreamed was possible.

A young adult science fiction thriller with epic themes of family, duty, and conscience, a diverse cast, non-stop action and romantic sub-plots that echo the work of S. J. Kincaid’s “The Diabolic” or Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games.”

What to expect:

Adventure, aliens, dystopian themes, a kick-ass princess, a coming of age story set against a futuristic back-drop, military action and scientific experimentation. This is first-person genre fiction, definitely on the soft-science side of things. It is just the second story in a series of three (all of which are available) so don’t expect all plot-lines to wrap up. 

Where to get it?

Amazon & Kindle Unlimited


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