YA Instafreebie Promotion

This is a fun one, folks! September 20-22 we are doing a TWENTY book giveaway via instafreebie. You’ll note some famous names like Andrea Pearson (her book was #7 on Amazon this week! I read it and it is fabulous) and D. S. Murphy. There are others that are less well known (like mine) but I’ve had to research them a bit to make the promotion and landing page and I can’t wait to read these. You can read a quick blurb on each one and see the genre on the landing page I made. Have fun and happy reading!!!




4 thoughts on “YA Instafreebie Promotion

  1. lkh828 says:

    Thank you for all of this amazing reading material! I love books of all kinds so it makes my day when I find a treasure trove of awesomeness like this! Thank you to all of the authors that came together to share your stories! There is such an incredible selection & not one of the descriptions failed to pique my interest! They all sound great! Very much appreciated!!! ♥♥♥♥

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