Still on the fence about trying out THE MATSUMOTO TRILOGY?

Vera’s story is waiting for you, and you can read the first book for free by just telling me where to send it: here.

Still on the fence? Why not read this REVIEW from C.W. Crowe? Then you’ll know what you’re getting into!

I was thrilled to have C. W. Crowe review the series. He is one of only two people who have read the entire trilogy so far. I sure hope that there will be more of you eventually. This series got more intense as the books went on. It starts a bit slow and YA-ish, but in the second book the action ramps up and I truly believe that by the end of third you’ll have had your money’s worth. If you enjoy speculative fiction, do try this trilogy. The Splitting and The Matsumoto come out next month, so there isn’t much of a wait and if you click the link above for the free book you’ll join my mailing list at the same time. I’m offering both of the next books to my mailing list at a special price and for a limited time, so it is worth your trouble to join up.

Let’s talk fiction real soon!



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