The Hero’s Call

Oh boy! I just spent an obscene amount of money on a self-publishing course designed for authors that teaches us how to use online marketing and advertising to promote our books.  Wow! What was I thinking? And will it work?

I’m going to tell you more. In fact, as the weeks progress I’m going to take you in on an insider view of what it looks like to self-publish in 2016. But first, fun fact:

Publishing books has changed more in the last two years than in the previous twenty.

Crazy! Imagine being a part of an industry that moves that fast! You don’t have to imagine. If this story interests you, and you want the inside look at what I’m doing and how it’s working out, if you like being in on the inside about professions and industries, if you just like a good old fashioned David v.s. Goliath story, then sign up for my mailing list, and I’ll give you the goods week after week as I attempt the impossible: making it in the publishing industry.

It’s basically the wild west out here. Lone gunmen ride from plain to plain hiring out to the highest bidder. Huge publishing companies, like the railroad companies of yesteryear, plow smaller companies and innocent bystanders underneath as they seize more and more territory. The Big Five decide who gets a voice and what they get to say, and in the middle of that our hero arises, small but scrappy, ready to make her mark on the tumbleweed landscape. Will she succeed? Find out in the next installment!



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