wattpad: future of The Ruined Dynasty Trilogy

Hi loyal friends. If you’ve hung in there this far, then you definitely deserve to be called loyal. It’s been a bit of a long haul for me over the past few years, but I have good news! Belly of this Great Land is finally finished and kicked out the door to go look for a home with a friendly Canadian publisher. So… that means I am back to The Ruined Dynasty Trilogy.

I’ll be posting The Ex-Pacifist a chapter at a time on to wattpad. That should take about 14 weeks. After that I’ll begin posting chapters of The Splitting: Book Two of The Ruined Dynasty Trilogy. If you’ve been waiting for the second installment, then it’s time to get excited, because it is on the way.

But how can I be the first to get a hold of it? you may ask. Easy. Follow me on wattpad. My name is sarahklwilson and then you will get notifications of my work and as soon as the chapters of The Splitting start being released you can read along.

Once again, my work will be free (that’s how wattpad works) and eventually I will put the whole book on smashwords.com along with The Ex-Pacifist. So, please, tell your friends. It will cost them nothing to give my writing a try. It will cost you nothing. What do you have to lose?


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