So here’s where we stand, friends.

The good news: I’m halfway through a rough draft that I plan to be finished by the end of summer.

The bad news: It’s not Book 2 of the “Ruined Dynasty Trilogy”.

In all fairness it should be. I sat down intending to write that book, but this book seized me by the ears and demanded to be written, so here we are.
What is the new book, you may ask. Well, this one is historical fantasy set in 1682 on Hudson’s Bay in Canada. It’s an adventure with a strong friendship theme and I’m enjoying writing it. Let me tell you, as a writer, I always find that the parts of the book I enjoy writing the most are the parts people enjoy reading the most. There are a lot more of those part this time.
I want to apologize to those who were waiting for a Ruined Dynasty book and are disappointed. I promise they will come eventually and that I know how you feel. I’m still waiting for Linda Evans to pull through on some of her book promises, so I hear you.
I plead forgiveness and understanding if you can give it to me. I just couldn’t help it. This book demanded to be written. Everywhere I looked it was standing, waving its arms. It whispered in the night and while I was driving my commute. It called with a siren’s call and here I am. In all fairness, I think it will be good. And it is a stand-alone, so it will be a fully satisfying read on its own. Will that help soften the blow? I hope so, and if it doesn’t I just want to remind you all that tar and feathers have gone out of vogue.


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