Shamefaced about Errors

A very helpful reader wrote to me last week to point out an extensive list of errors in my novel. I’ve got to say that while I found his feedback very helpful and am grateful for it, I am also extremely embarrassed about this. I want to assure my other readers that I will be correcting these errors as soon as I can and I would also like to request that if any of the rest of you find typos or other errors in my work, that you would inform me of the errors you find so I can correct them, too.

Copy reading and editing have never been my strong points, which is unfortunate since I decided to self-publish. I am starting to rethink the whole “paying for a copy editor” situation. Perhaps next time I’ll fork out the hundreds of dollars required to have a professional give the final draft a read through.

All that being said, I appreciate your support and I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.


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