Smashwords Publishing

Well, I’ve submitted my book to Smashwords to make sure that it gets into all the distribution channels by the November 11th launch. (That means if you want a copy early you can get it direct from Smashwords).
It was very easy to submit to Smashwords. If you follow the style guide exactly and do everything that you’re told to do it is a matter of minutes to get your draft approved and be ready to distribute and sell the book. I think that’s great, especially since I’ve been struggling to get my ncx right for Kindle direct for a week. Smashwords makes formatting very easy.
The one downside, though, to Smashwords is that they publish from the USA, which means unless you fill out a bunch of paperwork and enter a five month process, the IRS will skim 30% of your earnings right off the top – and you’ll still have to pay Canada Revenue Service for your income tax, too. As far as I’m concerned that’s highway robbery. No one is a fan of taxes, but being charged an income tax by a country you don’t live in seems like the biggest scam going. I’m going to try to fill out the forms and start the process to opt out, but it looks pretty complicated. If any of you has knowledge in this area, please share!


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