This summer I fell completely in love with e-books. It al started in the winter when my parents bought me a Kindle for my birthday. I was pretty sure I wanted to try one out and to be honest I’d never even seen one in person before I unwrapped my shiny (but not too shiny!) Kindle. It was the 3G one, which was great, because my love of reading doesn’t stop just because I’m out fishing on a remote lake or travelling in the States. There’s nothing more awesome than finishing a great book, unless it’s being able to download another great book immediately after you finish the last page.

The best part was that I read dozens of authors that I never had read before and was totally unlikely to have tried in any other situation. For some reason it felt like less of a commitment just to download someone’s book to try out, than it did to purchase an actual hard copy. Also, with only a tiny, hard-to-see cover picture, stupid or ugly covers couldn’t turn me off. All I cared about was content. And I was trying anything and everything like a kid let loose in Baskin Robbins.

This summer I read, read, read, and it is all thanks to my e-reader. I am officially in love with e-books – which of course is why I’ll be publishing my own novel as an e-book in November. Why hold back when I could give someone else a chance to read a new, obscure author?


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