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Writing to Deadlines 

I’ve been writing to deadlines with specific month by month goals now since June 2015. It’s the best thing that could have happened to me as a writer and it has stretched me into new competencies. Here’s a fantastic blog post I read today that I really connected with on this subject:

Building a Solid Writing Practice One Goal at a Time

The Matsumoto

I’m 100 pages into the rough draft of The Matsumoto. I thought I’d give you all an update and remind you that it’s ok to take a risk on the first two books of my trilogy, since the last one is on its way. I won’t leave you hanging.


Too cheap to buy my novels?

No problem! You can read them for free a chapter at a time on wattpad:

If you do, don’t forget to say “hi” in the comments!

Technology is chasing me

This week I was so proud of myself for inventing a sweet technology for my science fiction world that involved sticking your hands into a holographic tank and manipulating the data manually. Now I see this:

Ay carumba. I’m not imagining quickly enough!!

It’s the big day!

The Splitting is now available on for your reading pleasure!

Alternatively, if you are reading for free on, The Splitting will begin posting as a serial in mid December. :)

Happy Reading!

Science Fiction is a vaccination against future idiocy.

“I see a world where editing memories is something of a reality. Where we can erase unwanted memories, or reactivate any kind of memory that we like.”-TED Talk

Did you read that? This, people. This is why we need science fiction. By reading science fiction you can temporarily inhabit a world just like that one – and immediately realize why it’s a really, really, bad idea.

*end rant*

The Splitting: Available for Pre-order

The Splitting: Book Two of The Ruined Dynasty Trilogy is available for pre-order from Ignore the cover art. It’s just filler until I get a real cover. :)

The Splitting: Release Date – December 1, 2015

I’m excited to announce that The Splitting: Book Two of The Ruined Dynasty Trilogy will be released on on December 1, 2015. Mark your calendars boys & girls, because December is a great month to read fiction!

Musings on Talent

I think writing is like cooking. Following the steps, and conventional wisdom, along with a lot of hard work will get you something that is eventually edible. To be truly delectable, however, your work will need an infusion of talent. I believe talent exists to differing levels in everyone. Some of us have to work harder to exercise our talent because we weren’t given a generous helping. Others have loads of talent and squander it because they don’t realize it’s a gift others don’t have. To produce meaningful art you will require some degree of talent and how much talent you have initially can speed your mastery of your art form.

I don’t know if I have talent. I think it’s something that other people see in you, but you can’t see yourself. I do think that talent is enormously important when it comes to producing art. While hard work, dedication, perseverance and study are all required for mastery, to truly excel you have to start with that spark. It’s not something that can be acquired. You either have it or you don’t.

I also think that success and popularity are not hallmarks of talent. They are something entirely different. Popularity, while able to tickle the ego, does not equate mastery. Popularity is only an indicator of the current whim of the masses.

The Splitting: News

Well, for those of you who are waiting on the edge of your seats for the release of the second book of The Ruined Dynasty Trilogy, you will be glad to know that I finished the rough draft last night, and starting tomorrow I will be starting up rewrites and edits. Things are looking good for a December launch, so stay tuned!

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